Microsoft Office 365

Businesses immensely rely on technology and cloud-based applications. For many companies, Microsoft Office 365 is an integrated experience of applications and services, created to help you interact and document KPIs information vital to your business. To ensure a smooth migration to Microsoft Office 365, your company needs a trusted IT advisor. At MyIT, we will boost your business process and provide outsource 24/7 support. Contact MyIT Microsoft Office 365 specialist if you are interested to shift to Microsoft Office 365.

As a trusted IT advisor, we don`t cooperate with Microsoft and don`t compensate for offering their solutions. We analyze your specific needs, and if Microsoft Office suits you best, out team of specialists will guide you through the migration process. If it is not, then we will recommend you other possible solutions.

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 enables businesses to enhance their workforce and flexibility to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Businesses will be able to communicate in Microsoft Teams, save, update and exchange files and images in real-time from virtually any location and run their business with brand-new Business Apps.
  • Access your data anywhere
  • Get ongoing updates and deep security feature releases
  • Get access to the web version of Office
Once you subscribed to Microsoft Office 365, your business will get the latest version of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and all the applications in the Microsoft Office suite for a low monthly fee. Forget about constantly buying new versions; with Microsoft Office 365 you will have the most up-to-date tools.

Stay Connected with Staff, Clients, and Partners

Microsoft Office 365 includes all the features of Microsoft Exchange and Skype available for enterprises. Using the latest productivity devices, your business will improve email and real-time communication, as well as benefit from business mobile solutions. Skype for Business enables your team to maintain video and web conferences, use screen sharing and better interact with your team members and customers.

Securely Keep and Exchange Files

Microsoft Office 365 supplies companies with the file hosting service, known as Microsoft OneDrive. It helps share and securely keep files in the cloud and let you shift from on-premise file servers and storage solutions.

IT Assistance to Deal with Applications

Microsoft Office 365 provides a wide range of existent solutions, such as Delve, Flow, Bookings as well as customized ones to meet your specific business requirements. This is where you need assistance at MyIT outsourcing company. Our team of experts, experienced in Microsoft Office 365, will provide you with a trusted IT advisor that knows the score of Office 365.

Moving to Office 365

Although it is easy to migrate from Google G Suite, on-premise Exchange, or any other business email solution, you need a team of dedicated migration experts for your safe and smooth transition to Microsoft Office 365. At MyIT we will provide ongoing support and mitigate risks of any operational interruptions or data loss. MyIT taps into top migration solutions to help you make the move to Microsoft Office 365.

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