Disaster Recovery

Recent disasters compel organizations to review their plans of emergencies. Being prepared for natural or man-made calamities makes good business sense. All financial establishments must be ready to unpredictable incidents beforehand. A well-prepared disaster recovery plan is a key component of a successful business.

What Is the Difference between Backup and Business Continuity?

MyIT team will manage and back up your data daily to ensure your valuable information is secure. There are three types of disaster recovery strategies we implement:
  • Backup and recovery planning (designed to prevent a disaster)
  • Detective disaster recovery measures (designed to identify potential threats)
  • Corrective disaster recovery methods (designed to recover IT infrastructure after disaster)

If Disaster Recovery Plan includes learning business specialized features and assessing the risks, business data will be secured. It is critical for IT administrators to have a strong understanding of company problems at hand to develop the proper strategic plan.

High-Quality Server Protection Is the Key

For your comfort, use one app for fast, reliable backup, replication, and recovery of your organization’s sensitive data. With our Disaster Recovery App, you can check functionality of work and accuracy of all step-by-step security measures. This will lead to the continuous operation of the business and the fulfillment of the main task. We help you always have access to business systems.

Recovery Time Objective

Achieving more reliable Disaster Recovery is still a challenge for most businesses. As we have MyIT Live Recovery feature, you can have almost uninterrupted access to protected data. You can resume using the affected server directly from the backup file without waiting for the full recovery of the production server.

Convenient Automated Recovery Testing

Be sure that data backups can be restored using the MyIT Verified Recovery feature. MyIT performs automatic nightly checks of file systems, instances of Microsoft Exchange, and SQL Server. It is a good way for you to develop while we will:
  • define organizational responsibilities
  • implement a comprehensive cost model
  • design an effective disaster recovery infrastructure
  • establish mature operational disciplines
  • develop a realistic testing methodology

Rebuild Your Business and Keep It Up

Restore data at any level, from a single file, message or data object, to a complete machine (physical or virtual), even to dissimilar hardware with MyIT’s Universal Recovery capability. The data can be restored to any supported system: physical, virtual, or cloud environments, enabling local, offsite or disaster recovery.