IT Security

When a security breach occurs and business or personal data is at risk, this can mean significant financial loss, as well as serious damage to the reputation. Such troubles may expose the enterprise to dangerous effects: unforeseen costs, legal actions, or even ruin it.

IT Security is vital for businesses of all sizes. To provide comfortable working conditions and reliable protection of software organizations need the best IT solutions. Data Security and Backups are beneficial for both connected members and staff.

Widespread Usage of Cybersecurity

Nowadays Cybersecurity is an obligatory service that leads to better business practices. Using this complex service you get unprecedented advantages in the fight against cyber-attacks such as:
  • protection of important personal data
  • assurance of customers security
  • provision of uninterrupted service
  • reduction of unplanned costs

Using careful detection capabilities coupled with intelligence, MyIT can detect potential threats based on system changes. Multilevel protection with the use of cybersecurity solutions minimizes the risks of cyber-attacks and eliminates unforeseen costs. With us you will not only protect your business from intruders, but also detect, record and analyze any threats.

Cybersecurity Protection with MyIT

At MyIT, our relationship with each client is unique, regardless of whether they are a startup or an established business with clear goals and objectives. We will develop a personalized approach to create a cybersecurity plan. We are confident in our ability to accelerate your business so that we offer all our customers a guarantee.

Our team consists of certified IT professionals working in various IT spheres. Because of this extensive approach, our auditors have full information support and consultations in any data security issue.

Best Security Services

Among the means of data protection, our IT specialists can offer:
  • Physical means of information protection (restriction or total prohibition of access by unauthorized persons to the territory)
  • Basic means of protection of electronic information (anti-virus programs, e-mail filtering systems)
  • Anti-DDoS services
  • Regular data backups (on a specific computer and an external server)
  • Disaster recovery plan (ensures the continuity of banking processes)
  • End-to-end protection (guarantees the confidentiality of information transmitted in electronic format)
  • Information security training
  • Network cybersecurity network

Our Guarantee

We are confident in our ability to deliver best cybersecurity services to make sure your business works at its best. We are with you at any time and any point to boost your confidence in a quality product. At MyIT you can:
  • Respect your time: We offer on site and remote control – seven days a week, day or night.
  • Simplify your experience: We’re always there for you with easy to use IT tools across all devices and 24/7 support.
  • Make things right if we fall short: We’ll give you automatic bonuses if we’re ever late.