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PC Repair & Tune-up

MyIT's expert team will diagnose hardware & software problems to make appropriate repairs which could save you time, aggravation and money.  When something goes wrong leave it to our expert staff.  We can also perform a comprehensive tune-up.  If you feel the computer or network is not performing up to speed, we'll find out why.

Home Network

Households today often have more than one computer or have a printer that could ideally be shared by family members.  Media devices like MP3 and DVD players are rapidly becoming network-enabled, making your entertainment system a candidate for your home network.  Let us simplify the process of getting everyone "hooked up" in the household.

Wireless Internet

Freedom from wires is a great feeling!  It doesn't matter what room you're in, you can even be out on the deck with a wireless router and modems.  Setting up the wireless network correctly can be a challenge, we can take the guesswork out of configuring the network for you.  Share an apartment? If you and your room mates want economic high-speed internet, put a wireless network in the apartment.

Virus Clean-up and Protection
Viruses are not only a nuisance but are harmful to your computer and your privacy.  It's important to keep a good virus protection policy going on your home computer.  We can help you install and maintain a "clean bill of health". 

Backup & Recovery

If your computer crashed today, would you lose precious information?  If so, then you need a better back-up strategy.  MyIT offers a broad range of backup options so your computer data will always be recoverable in the event of a problem.  Get a little peace of mind!

Extra Disc Storage

You can never have enough disc storage room, especially if you have teenage children who like MP3 files.  We can quickly install and configure internal disc drives (multi-gigabyte) to dramatically increase your storage needs.

Firewalls & Security

The modern hacker has reached new heights in his ability to violate the innocent user's privacy and security on-line.  Is someone reading your credit card number from that gift purchase?  It's a good idea to maximize your protection with a firewall and use additional security measures to prevent invaders from coming into your home environment.

Spyware Removal

Stopping Pop-ups

SPAM filtering

Spyware, pop-ups, and spam - three curses of the internet despite all the benefits of being on line.  Pop-ups are annoying, distracting - sometimes promoting inappropriate topics.  Nothing is as embarrassing as such a pop-up at the wrong time!  Unwanted junk email (spam) is getting out of control nowadays - but most of it can be diverted into trash folders automatically.  We'll set up filters and install tools to keep these things out of your household.


The source of music, video and entertainment is rapidly moving from the den to the computer room.  Already one of the best sources for music is the MP3 revolution on computers. DVD's are equally at home playing on a PC as they are on the home entertainment system.  There are great possibilities for integrating these without moving the big screen into the office.

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